Do Only Self-Serving Liars Get To The Top?

The title to this post is a question, Do Only Self-Serving Liars Get To The Top?

And the short answer is, Yes - at least, this is the case when it comes to politics in the UK. It is almost unbelievable how dishonest are the UK politicians who sit at top of the tree.

Lie after lie after lie.

And they keep getting away with it! - because those who can see what is going on do not have the power to get these politicians removed.

Furthermore, who, exactly, could we replace them with? In practice, we could only replace them with other liars!

And the reason for this is quite simple to understand - if you concentrate.

When groups of people (e.g. those in political parties) vie for our attention and for our votes, the winners will ****ALWAYS**** be those who put out the best spin, who look the smoothest, who promise the most, who undermine the opposition the best, who cheat here and there when they can get away with it, who can smarmy up to the media proprietors, and so on and so on.

The honest contenders who play fair and tell the truth haven't got a hope.

And this is why, for example, honest politicians with integrity tend to remain way down in the political food chain. They simply cannot compete with those self-serving vultures who are prepared to use any tactic that they can get away with in order to feather their own nests.

Furthermore, governments are so powerful these days that they attract the most greedy and the most ambitious people of all. And the stakes are very high; with huge pots of money, status and power on offer.

What hope, therefore, have honest people with real integrity when competing against so many others who will do anything to undermine them and push them aside in their own self-serving quest for promotion up the ladder?

And, I repeat, millions upon millions of dollars are often at stake.

So, Yes, only the most greedy, the most ambitious, the most wily and the most self-serving get to the top of the political tree these days.

And so we ***MUST*** do something about the people who run the system that governs us - or, perhaps, we need to change the system itself.

What we simply cannot do is to allow some of the most ambitious, self-serving, oily and dishonourable of people to continue to have such huge power in their hands.

As such, and in general, there are two main strategies that need to be adopted in order to curb the self-serving abuses of power in which state officials frequently engage.

1. Reduce the power that government and state officials actually possess.

2. Reduce the ability of government and state officials to hide information about their activities and ensure that they are continually subjected to the utmost scrutiny - with significant penalties imposed on any officials who hide information or who deceive people.

Also see The Governing Elite.

And, mostly of interest to Brits ...

+ What are the police for? This may sound like a daft question to which the answer is obvious; but it is especially pertinent at a time of great structural upheaval for the police forces of England and Wales.

+ Tyranny is sidling in. It is entering with face averted, under cover of a host of laws whose ostensible purpose is the reverse of their actual effect.

+ The “loans for peerages” scandal raises two democratic issues. “Loans” raise the whole issue of funding for political parties; “peerages” raise that of the composition of the House of Lords.



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