Italian Father's activist's suicide attempt on live TV foiled

Italian Father's activist's suicide attempt on live TV foiled

[ 11 Dec, 2006 2203hrs ISTAGENCIES ]

ROME: He had reunited recently with his 18-year-old son after a separation of 12 years. Strangely, what should have been ecstasy, turned out to be a almost fatal disaster as he tried to self-immolate on a live television show.

According to the ANSA news service, the Italian fathers' rights activist motive for the suicide bid was to call attention to fathers unable to see their children for long.

The news service had reported that Nicola De Martino, who was a guest on the current affairs show Dieci Minute or Ten Minutes on state TV station RAI on Thursday night, tried to self-immolate.

De Martino doused himself with gasoline and then threatened to light a match. Show host Maurizio Martinelli and the activist's son were horrified.

After a desperate attempt, Martinelli and crew of the studio snatched the match from him, and De Martino was taken away from there.

Later, De Martino said that he had suffered a lot, and the fatal action was the result of that agony of separation from his son.

"I cannot bear the thought of anyone else having to go through what I went through,"he added. The Italian association for fathers' rights, Figli Negati (Children Denied), has condemned the act.


At 13 December, 2006 13:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sad story.

At 15 December, 2006 01:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sad story. Yes. But it is not the full story. Here in Sydney we know the truth that he is not telling you there

At 15 December, 2006 01:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This man should not represent fathers who have legitimate cases. He is twisting the story to make himself the victim here. Luca now is being used.

At 15 December, 2006 01:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Nicola was really happy to see his long lost son Luca after so long, what father would do something like the pretend suicide attempt on live TV in front of his own son???


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