Paul McCartney's Nightmare Continues

Yep; just as predicted by my good self more than three years ago, Paul McCartney was making one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Sir Paul McCartney today reacted furiously to claims by his estranged wife that he attacked her during their stormy four-year marriage.

Heather Mills, 38, accuses him of being domineering, abusive and frequently drunk or high on drugs.


Here is a brief summary of her life before meeting McCartney, printed about 3 years ago ...
Paul McCartney has instructed his lawyers to look into a British documentary due to be broadcast overnight that depicts his wife, Heather Mills, as "a calculating gold-digger with a murky past", the Daily Mail has reported.

Printing a discreet picture of Mills from her days as a glamour model alongside one taken at her 1989 wedding to Alfie Karmal, the newspaper said the Channel 4 documentary portrayed Mills as "a lying fantasist who had long planned to ensnare a rich husband".

The paper said Sir Paul, 60, now on tour in Europe, had declined to comment, but it understood he had instructed lawyers to speak to Channel 4, an independent broadcaster, and that he was "infuriated".

On Tuesday, the Sun tabloid newspaper printed pictures it said depicted Mills, aged 18, baring her breasts at her first glamour modelling assignment.

The pictures, to be shown in the documentary, were apparently taken by Karmal.

In the film, Karmal says he was puzzled by his wife's frequent disappearances and at how she had once turned up in a new sports car.

Ros Ashley, described by the Mail as a "former pleasure wife" for rich Arabs, says in the documentary that she introduced Mills, then aged 18, to a number of wealthy Lebanese businessmen.

"Heather's ambition was to meet a wealthy man - whether Arab, English, Spanish, whatever would give her wealth and status," Ashley says.

Karmal's sister, Donna says: "She's very destructive. She's like a praying mantis when it comes to men."

And Mills's stepfather, Charles Stapley, says she lives in "a confused fantasy world", suggesting her claims to have slept rough in London were exaggerated.


And, in my view, some 5% of women are like this.

Furthermore, western governments actually provide women like this with every encouragement, incentive and opportunity to wreck the lives of many, many thousands of men and children every year.


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