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Vetting Everybody Checking that the people who work with our children will not endanger them seems like a sensible policy. However, when everyday community activities now require a higher level of security clearance than the selling of explosives or firearms, surely it is time to call a halt to the ever-expanding culture of vetting. Josie Appleton

Calling Children 'Naughty' Parents should not call their youngsters 'naughty' because it damages their self-confidence, a childcare expert controversially claimed.

A childcare 'expert'?

What. A. Joke.

You can email these stupid people here, ...

MPs Hide Their Expense Claims The House of Commons has refused to give details of how much each MP claims in travel expenses despite two recent rulings from the Freedom of Information watchdog ordering politicians to open their books.

Smarter Than Boys These are the alpha girls, the new breed of American schoolgirl growing up free of gender stereotyping and ideological angst. They are the daughters of the feminist revolution, but they see no need to become feminists themselves because they know they are smarter than boys. Tony Allen-MIlls

Racially Abused Judge Seeks Death A courier from London has been convicted of racially-abusing a black female judge.

She was abused as a child too.

Is there no end to this woman's suffering?

Well, at least she got a book out of it. And I am sure that it will be a best seller.

Almost Unbelievable Narcissism Jordan Danner, Ms Dudley writes, has “the poise and sexiness of a dancer, the brains of a scholar and the protective passion of a mother. She had always been attractive, but now, having reached middle age, experience, confidence and poise further enhanced her beauty.

She's describing herself!

Greedy Government Council roadworkers who paint white lines on streets are earning up to an astonishing £53,000 a year.

The War On Drugs Lunacy The drug war is a scourge on the inner cities, where drug profits lure youth away from taking lower-paying, legal jobs; where shootouts between drug gangs have caused spikes in the homicide and violent-crime rates, just as alcohol prohibition-related violence had; where police are distracted from pursuing violent and property criminals so they can instead fulfill drug-arrest quotas and bust small-time users and dealers. The drug war is a catastrophe for justice and the rule of law, as it has lowered the standard of evidence, shredded the Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, and cruelly imposes prison sentences for marijuana dealers and cocaine users that are longer than what rapists and other violent assailants receive. Anthony Gregory - 6 min

UK Pregnancy Leave Extended Women will be able to take a year's maternity leave even if they get pregnant on the first day of a new job, according to controversial new laws.

Soldiers Denied Proper Treatment Military doctors have told The Daily Telegraph of the "absolute scandal" of soldiers having to wait for treatment while a fully equipped military hospital lies virtually empty.

Enlisted Men Might Revolt When men die pointlessly in a war they know cannot be won and that means nothing to them, when they realize that they are dying for the egos of draft-dodging politicians safe in Washington—they will revolt. It happened before. It will happen again. But when? Next year, I'd guess. Fred Reed

40,000 American Deserters Scores of American troops are deserting — even from the front line in Iraq. But where have they gone? And why isn’t the US Army after them?

No Concern For UK Soldiers Soldiers on operations say they would rather receive a more serious injury and go to the top American military hospital in Ramstein, Germany, than end up in a NHS hospital.

Parents Outraged Over Mixed Change Parents staged an angry protest after their young daughters were forced to strip to their underwear in front of boys at school.

Notice that there was no concern at all for how the boys might have felt about having to change in front of the girls. (Look at the comments.)

Slapping Mother Guilty A judge has sympathised with a mother who landed herself in court after she slapped three teenagers who were terrorising her family.

She deserves a medal not a conviction.

But, of course, the government wants to stop adults from disciplining wayward children because this leads to more problems in the community which then justifies more taxes to pay for more state control!

It's soooo simple - and soooo obvious.

And what does it matter if the citizens have to put up with more disharmony in their communites and more taxes, eh?

New UK Age Discrimination Laws Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling today defended new measures to stamp out age discrimination in the workplace after claims that employers found them "confusing" and "oppressive".

Alistair Darling has spent much of the day telling us that it is only a small minority of companies that discriminate because of age.

If this is true, then why is there a need for legislation that will cost the taxpayer many millions of pounds annually, and that will impose yet more burdens and costs on all our companies? - costs which will be borne by us.

It does not make any sense - until, that is, you realise who the real beneficiary is.

The government! - which gets even more control over people lives.

The Demise Of The Aussie Bloke The traditional sheila no longer knows her place and Oz's macho men have been left dazed, confused… and whingeing. Phillip Knightley

An irritating article that sneers and denigrates, in my view.

Money For Old Rope It is going to be a busy old week for Bill Clinton.

Women Do 66% Of All Work Women do 66 percent of the work in the world, produce 50 percent of the food, but earn 5 percent of income and 1 percent of the property,” said Ann Veneman, the former secretary of agriculture who is now executive director of Unicef.

Goodness. I never knew that women did 66% of all the building contruction, the road laying, the repairs, the factory work, the military duties, the law enforcement, the teaching, the medical work, the office work, the computer programming, the development of various technologies, the driving, the farming, the clearance of the land - and so on, and so on - not to mention nearly all of the child-rearing.

How on Earth do they find the time?

And where are all the men? What are they all doing, eh? Where are they spending all their time?

This is what you are all asking yourselves, isn't it?


Well, of course, they are all hanging around at Angry Harry's website! - and reading all the fabulous stuff that is contained therein.

That's what they are doing!

Soaring Quango Costs Taxpayers' money spent annually on quangos and other public bodies has soared by 50 per cent, to £123.8 billion, in only two years.

Two points.

1. 123.8 billion = £240 per year from each adult.

2. Quangos are departments of unelected bureaucrats and officials who create laws and policies. They are usually headed by teams of 'consultants' - and the like - who have been given these lucrative posts as a reward for serving their political masters. They are also a way of getting things done without too many people noticing.

Pathetic White Men - In Government What is wrong with them? Why are they unwilling to hold the line against thoughtless, intrusive, guilt-ridden, destructive stupidity? One word for it is self-hatred. Another is decadence. Minette Marrin

Greedy Government Gold-plated pensions for public sector workers have created a colossal black hole of more than £1 trillion in Britain's finances, experts have warned.

That equates to a debt of £40,000 for every household in the land - or an increase in 11p on income tax for the next 25 years.

UK Iraq Casualties Denied Treatment To Hide Caualty Figures British soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are being denied vital assistance because the Government is stubbornly refusing to reveal a list of casualties.

Ballet Lessons Ruined By Paedo-Hysteria Child protection policies now mean that male tutors touching female dancers is ‘virtually prohibited’; students need a letter from parents in order to permit limited touching in certain circumstances; and classes must be observed ‘to make sure that there’s no indiscretion’.

95-Year-Old Kerb Crawler A 95-year-old man has been arrested during a crackdown on kerb-crawlers at a popular seaside resort.


I wondered where he had been for all these years.

Two Judges Caught At It A woman judge was blackmailed over a love triangle involving a male judge and their shared Brazilian cleaner, a court has heard.

Can someone tell me why the names of these judges have been withheld from the public?

Is there a different law for judges, or something?

Madrid Bans Skinny Women In Madrid, the council has banned underweight models from its catwalks.

A few weeks ago a friend suggested that obese women should be banned from appearing in public. I laughed politely. But a few days later I had to sit next to one on the bus - and I was not laughing any longer.

Italian Advertisers Sued For Suggesting Women Cannot Park Cars In a scene set a century ago, a young woman struggles to park her horse and carriage, while two beer-drinking, male, bystanders look on, laughing. The action cuts to the present and shows the same woman having trouble parking her car, eventually leaving it jutting into the road.

The advert in question seems to be remarkably light-hearted and trivial and is, clearly, barely a drop in the ocean compared to the permanent deluge of advertisements - many from the 'abuse' industry - in which men are demonised horribly.

And are we no longer going to be allowed even to make jokes about the poorer parking capabilities of women?

Corrupt Police Officers Face Legal Action Police who conducted the UK's biggest ever child-pOrn investigation are facing legal action from former suspects who say their lives have been ruined.

Schoolgirl Fight Video Is Removed A video of two Cardiff schoolgirls having a vicious fight has been removed from the internet after criticism from anti-bullying campaigners.

Yes, Yes, I know, I should have kept up the "Women Are Never Violent" section on my website. But I've only got 27 zillion bytes, and it was hogging a full one-half of them!

And the other half was taken up with the "Women Never Lie" section.

There was no more room in which to breathe!


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