Men Are New Inventions “I think men were a new invention. They have new ideas, but they’re erratic, you can’t count on them. They haven’t settled down yet. You have to agree, there’s a kind of solidity about women. They’re sort of heavy and rooted, even if we don’t think like that.” Doris Lessing

“They [feminists] were so dismissive of women. They talked about women who had no careers as if they were just so much rubbish. It did an immense amount of damage.”


At 08 January, 2007 06:52, Blogger John Doe said...

Well, this "squirt" doesn't think much of that "cleft".

It is curious how to "challenge male assumptions" a feminist must make wild assumptions of her own. "You have to agree"? No we don't have to agree with a gross and unfair over-generalization. The feminist myth of the inherent reliability of women and the inherent unreliability of men is such a gross distortion of the truth that I can hardly believe intelligent women and men continue to perpetrate it without laughing at themselves.

Also, I don't understand the Times' puerile interest in Komodo dragon "virgin births". Parthenogenesis is well known in many amphibian species and it tends to occur only under extreme conditions, perhaps reflecting the extremity of the feminist wet dream of turning us into parthenogenetic lizards.

At 14 January, 2007 12:09, Anonymous John Clarke said...

The old bat has clearly lost what few marbles she ever possessed.

“Men... have new ideas, but they’re erratic, you can’t count on them."

Of course not. Men's stupid ideas about heavier than air flight, splitting atoms, transmitting pictures through thin air and talking to someone on the other side of the planet have proved totally unreliable. They will never work. That's why dear old Doris never uses a phone, TV or computer. New-fangled male ideas. Useless, the lot of them.

But hey, perhaps one century men might settle down and start producing some sensible ideas that could get close to the infallible thought processes of women.

At 20 January, 2007 23:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um...okay, it's pretty much a medical fact that women generally make decisions based more on emotion than men do. A decision based more on emotion is by definition less rational. Therefore, women are generally less rational than men.

You have to love how feminists will agree that women are more emotional than men when it's implied that this makes them more nurturing, caring, etc. but NOT when it's implied that women are less rational.

But I guess you can't blame them...they're irrational.


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