China Has Too Many Men


China Has Too Many Men China will be short of 30 million brides within 15 years, according to an official report into the country’s burgeoning population. About one in every ten men aged between 20 and 45 — equivalent to almost the entire population of Canada — will be unable to find a wife.

Hence, the astonishing economic progress!

Is it my imagination, or is it the case that where women dominate a profession, it tends to flail about miserably.

Here in the UK, for example, women dominate in the teaching and the nursing professions, and what we have seen is educational standards declining, year in, year out, while in hospitals we have discovered that old people are not being fed enough - with many of them actually starving to death, or dying from dehydration - and that nurses are also failing to wash their hands properly, hence encouraging the spread of Superbugs.

Of course, one of the main problems when it comes to 'managing' women in the workplace is the fear of their huge scope for retaliation - usually in the form of wild exggerations of 'abuse' of some form or another - and so they tend to get away with a poor performance.



At 29 March, 2007 07:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminism is extremely rife in China. In the main cities, men work all day, come home, cook and do the dishes and laundry. The woman watches TV and plays mahjong. This is the 'average' middle class household in the provincial capitals all over China today.

Posters for 'equality' are all over the place, and who is on them? A woman. No man.. just a woman. Equality indeed.

China is an extremely sexist country. Now that people have money, even more so. And the gender imbalance (109-113 females to 100 males )usually has 3 men chasing one "hard-to-get" girl.. 99% of the girls are like that and want to keep the 'supply' artifically scarce, so if you're male, you have to play along, simple as that. Get ready to spend ALL your money and time on her. And in the end, if she finds someone with more money.. too bad, you can bet your left nut she will 'upgrade' the minute she sees the chance.

All of these changes have happened within the last 15 years. The Vagina monologues are very popular, as is all feminist propaganda. Men are treated like crap. Sure, the ruling 1% are almost exclusively male, but they want to stay in that 1% so will do anything to keep the other men in their place. So women are favoured, men are shite.

Japan is in a better situation, but that is being eroded faster than previously imagined. Quotas, female only trains, prison sentences based on one persons testimony.. these things are in the papers every day.


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