Nappy-Headed Hos - Part 2! - Patrick Buchanan


Nappy-Headed Hos - Part 2!

Are we really a better country because, after he was publicly whipped for 10 days as the worst kind of racist, with whom no decent person could associate, he was thrown off the air? Patrick Buchanan

... when Imus called the Rutgers women's basketball team "tattooed ... nappy-headed ho's," he went over the top. The women deserved an apology. ... But Imus did apologize, again and again and again.

And lest we forget, these are athletes in their prime, the same age as young women in Iraq.

They are not 5-year-old girls, and they are capable of brushing off an ignorant comment by a talk-show host who does not know them, or anything about them.

... Compare, if you will, what was done to them – a single nasty insult – to the savage slanders for weeks on end of the Duke lacrosse team ...



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