George Galloway vs Daniel Finkelstein


George Galloway vs Daniel Finkelstein I thought you might like to see some clips from my Sky debate last night with George Galloway. He does not, in Corporal Jones's immortal phrase, like it up him. Daniel Finkelstein

Daniel Finkelstein uses his blog in the Times newspaper to present a biased series of clips designed to show George Galloway in a bad light - when he was taking part in a debate with him on Sky News.

But, as the comments below his piece show, it is Finkelstein who actually comes out worse in the very clips that he chose to publicise.


I wish I had Galloway's verbal ability.



At 20 March, 2007 05:31, Blogger DJSKING said...

I dislike Goerge Galloways aruements about his tolerance and adiding the former Iraqi dectator


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