Feminists Have No Voice


Feminists Have No Voice You almost never see a feminist column on an oped page, a feminist article in a magazine or newspaper, actual (not satirised) feminist ideas on TV or in the movies. Marilyn French

I think I am going mad.

I must have imagined all those articles and TV programmes.

Germaine Greer? Who's she?

Never really heard of her.

I only think that she exists.

She is a figment of my imagination.

... women are human beings who matter as much as men. That is all that feminism claims.

I can't stand it any longer.

I think I am going to die!

Why the Times of London prints the inane ramblings of this unbelievably stupid woman just defeats me.

In the above article Mzzzzzzzzz French, basically, bemoans the fact that women do most of the child-rearing and the nesting, and that men 'rule' the world. What she forgets to point out is that women prefer it this way, and that the men who 'rule' the world tend to exert their 'rule' mostly over the men!

Another of her complaints is that women do not get paid for the allegedly fabulous work that they do in the home.

But neither do the men!

And if western women would prefer to go out and earn some money, then no-one is standing in their way.

It's called 'choice'!

I think that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz French thinks that women should be paid for doing housework.

Well, where would this lead us?

Hmm. Let's think.

OK. Let's pay them, say, £100 per week via the tax system.

QUESTION: Who is going to monitor the housework? If no-one monitors it, then women will just get paid for being women - and nothing else!

And so what would the men do? Well, for one thing, they would work less hard. After all, they would already have the services of a paid servant!


And if we are going to monitor the housework, then we are talking about government snoopers coming to our homes - with the women being checked out to make sure that they have, for example, cleaned the windows properly.

Hmm. Maybe paying women for doing the housework is not such a bad idea after all.


Death. Death. Sweet Death. Come not too close. And let us just parlay awhile.



At 22 March, 2007 02:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comments are open here:


and get a load of the two already there.

"some men are more evolved than others. Let's teach our boys equality."


At 23 March, 2007 08:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic but I just wanted to make the observation with 'knut' the polar bear in Germany. It is alright for a man to raise and nurture an animal but it is societally improper/abnormal that a man raise and nurture a child. Let us end this tyranny of the feminine double standard and privilege.

At 08 April, 2007 16:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though most of you know it, let me point out that Germaine Greer has admitted her failure to have kids when she should, was the biggest tragedy of her life. She had told a generation of women not to have kids. HAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHOHO, with emphasis on HO. This fiend did not reproduce; there is a God!

Anonymous age 65


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