Women Resented In The Military


Women Resented In The Military.

'Most military jobs are open to women - and they have earned respect within the forces for their professionalism' (Daily Mail headline).

A soldier replies, ...

I've heard many such comments and I'm afraid to say it is simply not true. The truth is that the presence of women is bitterly resented by the vast majority of men in the Armed Forces. I know this having served myself for seven years.
Life in the army in particular is often a very harsh existence and all too often the women are just not strong enough. I have seen female radio operators unable to erect a radio mast unaided - a vital part of the job. This is just one example.
Furthermore, when on operations, the men become instinctively protective of the women and this is an extra burden they do not need. The inevitable sexual relations causing jealousy, fights, broken marriages etc. do nothing for morale and effectiveness either.
The situation is made much worse when good soldiers are passed over for promotion so that a certain number of women can gain a stripe in order to fill the PC quotas.
However much people would wish it to be so, the men do not respect the female service personnel. They resent their presence deeply and bitterly.
SK ex-lance Corporal, Royal Signals, address supplied.



At 23 April, 2007 09:06, Anonymous Modern Heretic said...

Women in the military: How thoroughly disheartening!

A simple solution would be to have female-only regiments and put all the women in there. Separate all the men and women completely, sort of like the soviets did in WW2. The newly formed regiments should be forced to do front-line duties - just like the men - and could be used either as reserves or cannon-fodder. Preferably the latter.

At 11 February, 2008 03:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I feel alot of resentment from you angryharry. I must say having spent 10 years in the royal signals I have seen alot of men failing to erect radio mast by themselves too.
The standard of the Armed forces has dropped dramatically and this is not due to women in the forces it is due to the forces being so desperate that our recruitment standards have been lowered in all departments.
I have never seen one of my soldiers passed over for promotion so a "woman can gain a stripe".
I myself have a lot of respect for the few female and male soldiers that remain in the forces today.
To be honest I am glad you are ex-LCpl. I think you are a very bitter little man who did not do well in his army career having only reach the rank of LCpl after 7 years. With your attitude then I can see why.
Accept responsibility for your own failings angryharry

At 11 February, 2008 07:25, Blogger angryharry said...

Me in the military, eh?

Now there's a thought.


I wouldn't get to 'private' - never mind corporal.

At 04 August, 2009 20:14, Blogger rodericka said...

Answer to: Ms anonymous of 10 years in the Royal Signals. This type of sarcasm is the norm from an entitlement whore. Whose lifestyle
and privilege has the lifetime guarantee, all woman enjoy over men. The official handicaps she expected and got, not only makes a mockery of the Royal Signals but shits on the history and suffering, of the millions and millions of men forced to die horribly in war for the ambitions of others. As she knows she could never be put in any real actual danger I might add at the expense of the men around her.
Men sacrifice themselves for others.
Which is proof to her, of her superiority.
Fighting men are expendable, and supporting a male-impersonating female, who wants to play on her terms, makes fighting men even more expendable


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