Boys Pay the Price of Media Witch-hunt


The child 'protection' industry, in collusion with the tabloid media and the radical feminist lobby, have, over the last two decades and more, manufactured a climate of such paranoia that the relationship between men and children has been seriously eroded. Heretical Sex

Child protection procedures mean that children grow up in an increasingly sterile world, devoid of enthusiastic adult role models that could spark their passion for sports or hobbies. And when decent adults withdraw, or place themselves under perpetual checks and monitoring, this cannot leave children any safer either. Josie Appleton

Jim Gamble, head the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), said that some offenders should receive a police caution then be treated in the community to prevent them from committing further offences. ...

... With more than 25 years experience working in law enforcement, Jim Gamble, 48, is a true career policeman.



At 05 June, 2007 08:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angry Harry what has happened to your site??

At 08 June, 2007 11:26, Blogger angryharry said...

I have been having problems with Yahoooooooseless - and so I have now changed my webhoster.


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