Abuse In Virtual Reality Investigated


Abuse In Virtual Reality Investigated A website in which users travel through a virtual world in the guise of an invented character is under police investigation over claims of online sexual abuse.

Police in Britain, Belgium and Holland are considering whether users of Second Life may be committing a crime if their character — known as an avatar — sexually assaults or stalks another.

Some users of the site claim they are so emotionally involved that attacks on “their” avatars leave them traumatised and upset. They term the experience “online rape”.



At 20 May, 2007 18:49, Blogger Christianj said...

Privileged princesses are now being virtually raped !

This would only make sense to a sex that believes that astrology is a science.

At 25 May, 2007 06:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It just shows how delusional some people can be. They cannot be physically touched, they cannot be actually seen. Basically its like identifying with a cartoon character on TV - for instance snow white - and expecting to be able to prosecute Disney for poisening you with an apple. How ludicrous !

At 28 May, 2007 10:19, Blogger Laboratory Mike said...

If it's in virtual reality, wouldn't you be able to escape from the attacker or something?

I would also think it possible to pick up and go to another chat/VR site if someone is bothering you there. I've had to do this myself before, and I don't see why it is required to have a lawyer sue someone who is trolling or doing something else stupid on a website.


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