Another Man Stabbed To Death


Another Man Stabbed To Death A young father was stabbed to death outside his home after asking a gang of rowdies to keep the noise down because his baby was asleep.

Whenever I read about these violent pigs who go around stabbing people, I am reminded of those mercenary c#nts who persist in selling that disgusting knife block, and who are poking fun at the idea of men being stabbed.

The murder of Mr Johnson bears similarities to the killing of young father Peter Woodhams, 22, who was shot as he confronted a gang outside his East London home in August last year.

Mr Woodhams, a TV satellite engineer, was killed in front of his fiancee Jane Bowden and threeyearold son Sam after suffering a campaign of intimidation by thugs.

Earlier this month his killer was sentenced at the Old Bailey to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

A minimum of 25 years.





At 21 May, 2007 21:49, Blogger Masculist Man said...

How's it going,bro? I've read your site for quite some time now and I generally agree with your views. All except the DNA database because I can see that getting abused especially with the feminazis running things. Congradulations on your nomination you got my vote and the votes of a lot of MRA's and we hope you win so that men's rights can be brought to forefront.

On this issue,if this happen in the U.S. and it was a man who did it he would have to be a minority with the usual race-baiters running their mouths off to the media to get a mere 25 years otherwise a man would either receive life with no possibiltiy of parole or the death penalty. Women of course would get a joke of a sentence and that is just one of the many things I would love to see changed and watch their special privileges go out the window and off the law books.

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