Overprotecting Children

Overprotecting Children Youngsters are missing out on their childhood because we over-protect them, a child play expert claims.

In No Fear: Growing Up in a Risk Averse Society, Mr Gill argues that childhood is being undermined by the growth of risk aversion and its intrusion into every aspect of children's lives.

Activities that previous generations of children enjoyed without a second thought - like walking to school on their own - have been re-labelled as troubling or dangerous and the adults who permit them branded as irresponsible, he argues.

While it is surely the case that allowing children further opportunities to roam around within their communities would bring them many benefits, the persistent hysteria over child abuse means that, in practice, children who are roaming around are likely to cause trouble both for themselves and for everyone else; because nowadays - unlike in the past - the adults in the community would be too fearful to contain them.


At 20 November, 2007 10:27, Anonymous pelvisresley said...

Not everyone's trying to protect children:

Megan Meier was in great spirits after she began corresponding with a 16-year-old named Josh Evans, who she met on MySpace, the popular social networking site. They exchanged messages for six weeks before he abruptly ended the friendship, telling her he had heard she was cruel. The next day, Megan, who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, committed suicide. Her parents later discovered that Josh had never existed but was a fictitious persona created by a woman neighbour whose daughter had been friends with Megan until they fell out. The woman, who attended the funeral before being exposed, reportedly told police she invented the MySpace profile because she wanted to gain Megan's confidence and find out what the girl was saying about her own child online. She also told police that she, her daughter and another girl had all been involved in the ruse, helping to write messages from "Josh" to Megan.


Women and girls are causing trouble on the sly like that constantly. It's one reason they're so avid for personal information: the more you know about someone, the more you can manipulate and control.

At 26 March, 2008 13:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All to true.


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