Sex Pay Discrimination System Close To Breaking


Sex Pay Discrimination System Close To Breaking The tribunal system which deals with sex discrimination cases is close to breaking point, the Equal Opportunities Commission has warned.

The Commission's chairwoman, Jenny Watson, said: "We would like to see employers earn some legal protection.

"So in return for accepting a legal obligation to check their pay systems for discrimination and if they find a problem, putting in place a robust action plan to tackle it, we think they should get some breathing space.

In practice, employers are facing the threat of long and costly investigations and a great deal of official harassment unless they can jiggle the evidence and so justify large pay increases for women - simply because they are women - not because they are deserving of any increases.

The real message from Harriet Harmen and her feminist friends is this.

We will not take you to court provided that you end up paying women the same - regardless of their relative merit. We are doing this because, at the moment, we cannot cope with all the claims. But, in the future, we will cause you a great deal of official trouble unless we see equal pay. And, if you do not provide equal pay then - even though this might, in fact, be 'fair' - it is going to cost you hell of a lot to prove your case. As such, it is in your interest to jiggle the evidence.

For any newcomers, there is no general gender pay gap in the UK that unfairly disadvantages women. If there was, you would see the feminists and the government giving us fine details of how and where this is happening.

They never do this - because, quite simply, it is not happening.

Furthermore, if it was really the case that, for lesser pay, companies could get the same work done by women as done by men, then they would quickly boot out all the men and get the women to do the jobs instead. And if they did not do this, they would very quickly be out-competed by those that did.

The gender pay gap is just another feminist-inspired self-serving myth that is designed to justify the existence and funding of various feminist-dominated empires.



At 21 September, 2007 10:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking of gender pay gaps when are Wimbledon going to get pack to truely equal pay.

Women there get the same prize money as men, yet they play 3 sets instead of 5.

By introducing so called "equal pay" there, women actually get paid 66% more than men when comparing like with like.

I guess the feminsts see this as a fiene example and want all jobs to be like this.

At 10 April, 2008 15:52, Anonymous David Higgins said...

Actually, the feminazi's are just looking for some excuse to impose bogus issues upon us. And, they'll alwayss look for more reasons. I'm truly amazed at how people let these fools gain power to enforce their ideas.


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