Fathers Not Necessary


Fathers Not Necessary The Government's draft Bill on Human Tissues and Embryos says that clinics should no longer take into account "the child's need for a father" before agreeing to attempts to conceive via artificial means.



At 09 September, 2007 14:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this very strange. The government continues to blame "absent" fathers for all of societies ills and yet seeks to promote the idea of even more children without fathers. Who is going to pay for all of this?

At 09 September, 2007 17:04, Anonymous Able said...

Well, Anonymous, as I am sure you are well aware, there is nothing strange about this at all.

Let women do as they please, and then blame men for all the problems.

At 22 September, 2007 18:27, Anonymous darkbhudda said...

Another stupid move. They already don't have enough sperm donors for hetero couples. When they removed anonymity the supply dried up as people knew the next step was donors paying child support. That's exactly what happened in other countries in Europe.

When they talked about giving lesbians IVF treatment they lost more donors. Sure they talked about giving donors the option to ensure it only went to hetero couples, but does anyone really trust the government or the courts to not overrule that in the future?

Good luck with ordering your sperm online since they are already talking about regulating that too.

At 02 October, 2007 04:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,
I'm not so surprised about these rumours.Live in Europe,Hungary,and this ideology is spreading here,too.
Women divorce easily,not caring about the influence on their children.
I'm divorced,but have a 11 years old son,and feel responsible for his future...Wish you enough power to fight against misandry.I will do what I can.



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