The Art Of Spin


The Art Of Spin

Mourners shivering in a chapel are to be kept warm using "body heat" generated from cremating their loved ones.

And here comes a true master of spin ...

The Rev Vernon Marshall, of Old Chapel, said: "As a final act of generosity, it's a lovely way for the dead to provide comfort for the living at a difficult time."



At 11 January, 2008 02:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Angry Harry,
For more anger and some amusement visit
Keep on keeping on.

At 18 February, 2008 03:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Woman Racket should be required reading for Oxfam's gender police and senior managers (mainly female) who in the name of gender equity promote the rights of woman over those of men. Here's Antonia Bance, deputy director of Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme on a certain group of men, on her blog:"the fathers’ rights movement are mainly misogynists."


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