Draconian DV Laws Reduce Reporting


Draconian DV Laws Reduce Reporting

Thousands of women are at risk of assault because new laws to curb domestic violence have backfired, deterring victims from seeking help.

Yes indeed. But the whole point behind the draconian domestic violence laws is to increase the reporting of domestic violence (mostly false reporting as it happens) not to reduce domestic violence, and also to make men more likely to resort to domestic violence - because the more that the law is set against men, the more will men resort to violence.



At 21 April, 2008 15:48, Blogger Rob Fedders said...

How can anyone possibly claim to know that 5,000 women have failed to report domestic violence and still keep a straight face while they ask for more grant money?

The amount of reasons for this "drop" could go on for ever - it could even be attributed to their draconian laws being highly effective in fighting this "crime." But, they claim no such thing. They are basically saying here that these laws have absolutely ZERO intention of decreasing DV at all. In fact, a drop in DV only means that men have figured out new ways to beat those poor defenceless women and hide it from society even better than they were hiding it before!

Last December I made $5,000, but this month I only made $4,000. The ONLY conclusion then is that someone has stolen $1,000 from me without me knowing it!

Why, just last month, 5000 women failed to show up at my door requesting the privilege of servicing me sexually.

The month before that, 5000 lost $1 coins failed to roll innocently into my driveway.

And last autumn, over 5000 geese failed to fly over my house on their way south.

It's time to rescind these people's academic degrees and credentials, as they are obviously worth less than the paper their diplomas are printed on.

At least the diploma printer guy has a real job.


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