Women Can Kill Men With Even Greater Impunity

Women Can Kill Men With Even Greater Impunity

"Rape victims who retaliate against a taunting attacker will be able to legitimately claim they had been provoked, according to the new rules."

Parents who kill a paedophile they catch molesting their child will be among a select group able to plead not guilty to murder.

Yep: **You** become more worthless by the day.

It seems that a woman can now escape a charge of murder for killing a man simply by claiming that he was raping her - or molesting the baby.

(Of course, the man will not be alive to say that he did not do such a thing. So, basically, the woman can just lie without too much fear of being caught, in most cases.)

However, given that most people, I am sure, would much rather be raped than lose their children, then it must also be the case that politicians, judges, government officials, and even wives, who prevent a man from being with his children are 'provoking' such a man even more so than is a woman being 'provoked' when it comes to her being raped.

As such, it must be even more legitimate for a man to kill politicians, judges, government officials, and even wives who prevent him from being with his children.


At 29 July, 2008 05:46, Anonymous poiuyt said...

Our own attitudes towards ourselves as males must first change before any salvation or redemption can be realised. Otherwise others will continue to be able to take undue advantage of us for any and every reason.

And belive it or not these people against us mean business. They have no shame or conscience at all at all.

For example: It has to become the concern of all men however rich or poor and of whatever race or nationality, how other men are being treated in society. That is either in the family, the workplace, the armed services, the navy and airforce, in the health care system, in their homes, in the professions, in public life, in schools, in prisons and correctional facilities. You name it.

The experiences and treatment of males all over this world has to become of parramount importance in everything that the mens movement does and says.

At 08 August, 2008 18:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, and the pussies who dominate the US "men's rights" movement will not be at all effective in combating this. They are too busy appearing in childish Fox News segments and trying to appease to the feminists who created this problem in the first place.

At 29 September, 2008 08:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you all prove the need for the law.

At 22 March, 2009 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who ever wrote this is a rapist, a murderer and a psychopath, your just mad cuz you wish you can do it in person ....the difference between you and the 7 out of 8 serial killers is that you do it in writting and you build an army against women...who have suffered enuf...

At 11 April, 2009 17:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen the videos on the internet showing women been abducted raped and killed? have you noticed that every day a womans dead body is found because of this images. if this doesnt bother you and your worried about the new rules then you are probably a murderer and have been getting away with it for years and your scared of getting killed.

At 02 May, 2009 12:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that more women than ever and more men than ever will suffer greatly.

Giving women a license to kill is going to work against them. Many men may feel threatened by this.

Makes me wonder if men are really going to be the victim here.

Violence will step up one notch.

At 11 June, 2009 16:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a victim of a violent rape myself, I am very disheartened by what you said about someone preferring to be raped over losing his/her children, or that losing his/her children is more "provoking" than being raped. Not only was I beaten, violated and scorned for what happened to me, I also became impregnated by my rapist. I was only eighteen years old at this time, and had high hopes of entering university to become a lawyer. The man I dated afterwards turned out to be abusive as well, and blamed me for my rape. He physically attacked me quite aggressively one time, which resulted in my miscarriage, and I ended up leaving the guy and going to university. I've been suffering from PTSD, depression and suicidal anxieties for three years now. After meeting a great guy, I've finally been able to put myself back together and appreciate myself.

I hope you recognize the severity of the language you use to describe rape. I understand you are fighting for men's rights, but I do not think you need to undermine women's rights to do so. I've been suffering long enough, even from my father, who abused both me, my sisters and my mother, but I feel no resentment for men and I feel no need to disregard their personal issues just for the benefit of mine. Otherwise, like what you've done, I would've said that this "license to kill" is well-deserved. But I won't sink that low to benefit my "own kind" over the supposed "other."

We're all human, and we're in this together. Teach people to respect each other and see each other as equals rather than oppressing or dominating them might result in less radical action, such as this.

At 10 December, 2009 09:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the law has been absolutely corrupted to be biased in favor of women to a degree that now they can kill men with impunity,
men have no option but to be alert and arrange for their security themselves the law isnt gonna do that (it will only help in kiling men) this might mean being PREPARED TO USE DEADLY FORCE ON VIOLENT FEMALE ATTACKERS , our chivalrous conditioning doesnt make it easy do that but its a question of survival and we gotta do what needs to be done to protect our life (the feminst infested law cleary has no intention of doing that)
further more men should form their own masculist vigilante groups which will mete out justice(even to the point of execution) to those female crimials freed by the feminist cesspool known as the justice system .

At 10 December, 2009 13:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your are a piece of shit. you'll a paedophile yourself if you think a man that sleep with his own child is fine. Shits like you need to die. Only a low life shit like yourself think would think a woman defending herself and child deserve to live the rest of her life in jail. That's just like a man. Thinking his dick rules. you are just dickless wonders.

At 19 January, 2010 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so maddening -this conditioning of society (rather,men)to "respect" women at all costs. What's so special about women that we men "have to" respect them?????Women are the best liars, and yet they are the ones who accuse men of dishonesty-and get away with it. Earlier, this attitude was only embedded in society, but now it is also legalised.Looking at the anonymous poster on december 10,2009, I'd say she is a typical woman.Maybe the only way left to treat women(for a man of self-respect) is the way the Taliban do.

At 22 February, 2010 17:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry, you always enlighten me. Keep up the good work my friend, you are a great help.

At 15 May, 2010 19:29, Anonymous LaWanda said...

Wow! I hate no idea it was so hard being a white male!! I'm so glad I'm a big black bull dyke :)


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