Not Enough UK Dentists - Thanks to Women


Not Enough UK Dentists - Thanks to Women Women now make up half of all trainee dentists. Research shows, however, that they are much more likely to drop out of the profession, primarily to have children.

Yep: And some 60% of all women doctors drop out completely from the profession within about 10 years.

So short are we of domestic dentists that last year the Government was forced to import about 1,000 practitioners from wherever it could find them.

(Also see my piece Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?)



At 15 January, 2007 20:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son is in D.O. med school in Virginia. He said it has been announced there will be 7 new med schools opening in the near future, trying to make up for the drain of doctors by maternity.

Shortage is so bad a faculty member of his med school announced some weeks ago that her appointment for a dermatologist is NEXT JUNE!

A woman pediatrician told them her personal record is 103 patients seen in one day.

In many parts of the US, one needs a week notice to get an appointment to see a doctor -- if you can find one who will accept new patients.

Last week, I saw a hospital URL which proudly announced it had cut time for patients to wait to see a doctor from 4+ hours to around 2.5 hours.

Here in the Third World my best friend is a doctor. I told him about the 103 patients in one day. He said he viewed that as impossible! He averages 15 minutes per patient, the minimum he believes is consistent for good patient care and instructions.

Can I conclude while the US has greater technology, the near impossibility of seeing a doctor actually gives you worse medical care than in the Third World???

Ah, but feminist goals are being met, right?

Anonymous age 64

At 16 January, 2007 20:53, Anonymous thirtyplus said...

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At 22 February, 2007 14:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in the Third World part of Mexico. My best friend is a doctor who owns a small private hospital.

He was horrified to learn that in my son's med school (see comment above) one of the teachers had to make an appointment in October to see a dermatologist NEXT JUNE.

And, in many parts of the US, it takes several days to get an appointment to see a general practitioner, IF he/she (usually he, since most women cease practice as soon as they get a sucker to support them) even accepts new patients.

I realize our high tech in the US is out by itself, but in general here in the Third World, our health care is generally better, because we can get in to see a doctor right away.

Here is an example. There was a big scare last week in the US that peanut butter had salmonella contamination. I am underwhelmed. I have had salmonella here in the Third World, and so has my wife. I keep antibiotics on hand, so when I realized my insides were making ugly noises, I popped the correct dose, and within a few hours, it was pretty much gone. My friend told me the blood almost always means salmonella. The dose for antibiotics is the same for salmonella if you get at it quick as it is for an regular bacterial infection.

He was amazed when I told him in the States, it would be on the evening news if someone got salmonella.

If I had to wait many hours, or even a couple days for a doctor's permission to use antibiotics, yes, I would be scared of salmonella, since that much delay can really put you at risk.

Anonymous age 64


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