Rape Liar Should Be Named


Rape Liar Should Be Named A teenage girl who lied about being raped by a taxi driver should be "named and shamed", her devastated victim said yesterday.



At 01 May, 2007 09:34, Anonymous jbgood2 said...


Not only should she be named, her name should be put on a false accusers register so that any future victims she may select can be better protected! False accusers should recieve a similar sentence to what their potential victim recieved or would have recieved including being locked up with nonces etc.

At 05 May, 2007 23:39, Blogger The Troll said...

AMEN :"There should be a false accusers registry," and one further: their should be open and vocal calls for legislation that give such an accuser the same penalties as any other libelist or slanderer, and mandatory prison time.


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