Internet Marriages: Men Will Likely Lose Out


Internet Marriages: Men Will Likely Lose Out The marriages of couples who meet on the internet are posing a problem for the courts when they go wrong, a senior judge said yesterday.

"When the cross-country family disintegrates, there will be a reversion to the parental countries of origin with consequential problems over maintaining parental relationships and contact."



At 08 June, 2007 06:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How typical - the 'best interests of the child' are served by allowing the child to be removed from her father because the mother would be devestated if she was not allowed to go back to the states. How about a bit of logic where the child stays with the father - and she can then go back to the states. The child has to be uprooted from her natural country of birth. Her friends and relations - and that is in her best interests. Of course it is !

At 08 June, 2007 13:16, Blogger dad4justice said...

My daughters were happy and well-adjusted children then came false allegtions ,pigs, prison, parental alienation , pain.I did not produce my children for a corrupt court to devour my kids through "the best interests of the child ". How hard are heartbroken men to be driven in the 'best intersts of the child'? It is little wonder the system breeds resentment, as family law is a chaotic world devoid of reality !


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