New UK Women Doctors Outnumber Men


New UK Women Doctors Outnumber Men Newly-qualified women doctors outnumber their male counterparts by almost three to two.

According to the poll, almost half (48%) of women doctors say they want to train less than full-time at some point, compared to 15% of men.

Two-thirds of those questioned expected to take a career break at some point.

But more than half will drop out completely! - e.g. see Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?



At 26 June, 2007 05:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems strange that as women enter a profession which used to be male dominated - they no longer want to do the same job as the men did - work as hard and for as long - oh no - they want to earn more and work less, and not even work full time - which is why there is going to be a shortage of good experienced doctors in the future - then the moaning minnies will complain that they cannot get to be consultants - because they do not have the experience - and only men ever make it. No one will remember that they wanted to take career breaks and only work part time. The vast male conspiracy will be up to their dirty tricks again !

At 02 July, 2007 22:57, Anonymous paul parmenter said...

Yes, stand by for the new era of part-time doctors who may not be available when you want them. Stand by too for a big drop in the already woefully low levels of attention to men's health. Women doctors never specialise in men's health problems. When did you ever hear of a female andrologist? Do a Google search on the subject and see if you come up with anything at all. Believe me, this new generation of girl-power GPs and specialists will concentrate all but exclusively on gynaecology.


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