The Four Main Factors Of Crime


The Four Main Factors Of Crime The top four factors, in order, are living in council accommodation, a lack of English in the home, being born to a single mother and being born in a home where "the mother's ethnicity is black".



At 23 June, 2007 00:46, Anonymous John Clarke said...

Ho hum, here we go again. A committee studies the reasons for "problem" families, comes up with sensible answers, and promptly has its findings trashed and misrepresented; familiar steps in the inevitable process of consigning the report to the back of the cupboard where it will be ignored and forgotten.

Meanwhile the welfare industry monster continues to roar on unabated and the fabric of society continues to rot away.

Look at this Telegraph report. It virtually sits up and begs readers to attack the committee's findings. It tells us that there are 8 main factors associated with "families at risk" (now there's a misnomer. Is it not the rest of us who are at risk from them?) It reports the top four, in order. But you only find that out after you have been hit with the first line which chooses to place the emphasis on the fourth factor. Why not the first? Might it be because "Children who live in council housing are more likely to be involved in crime" is not a sufficiently punchy or controversial attention-grabber?

Instead we get diverted into comments about black mothers; and the only person who is allowed to make a response is someone from an organisation called "Operation Black Vote", which does not exactly sound like a neutral, objective group. We are also given a link to its website; but only that one. No link even to the report so we can read it ourselves, or the government's Social Exclusion Task Force, or anything else that could point us towards facts rather than propaganda.

Did you also note, buried deep down in the report, that "the committee concluded that the absence of a father figure is a key factor in the over-representation of young black men in the criminal system."

Well knock me down with a feather, why have none of us ever noticed that before? Harry, you have been aleep on the job, mate. Lucky you have a smart government committee to tell you how things are, otherwise you would have been running around like a headless chicken for years on end, wondering where all these criminals were coming from.



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