UK Family Court Judges Waking Up?


UK Family Court Judges Waking Up? Senior judges have issued a strong warning to divorced and separated mothers that they risk losing the right to have their children live with them if they defy court orders and stop the children's fathers seeing them.

So. Keep up the pressure my lovely droogies!

And always remember that one of the main duties of judges is to protect citizens from abuses by the State. And, thus far, they have failed pretty miserably when it comes to men and fathers.

However, they need the public to hear your voices so that they can better arm themselves in the defence of men who are continually being horribly mistreated when it comes to 'relationship' matters.

So, please keep at it, whenever and wherever you get the chance.



At 03 August, 2007 04:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard this all before. There may be one or two judges who are beginning to get in touch the situation but that is very rare.. Has anyone noticed any difference in attitutude? We really need to observe and report the average family court (Kangaroo court?)

Fight on. Angry female.


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