Court Ordered Payout 30 Years After Divorce


Court Ordered Payout 30 Years After Divorce A wealthy retired builder was ordered to pay more money to the woman he divorced nearly 30 years ago after a judge heard she had "fallen on hard times", the Court of Appeal was told yesterday.

Yes indeed. Yet another example of just how corrupt and prejudiced against men are our 'judges' these days. They are mostly not fit to hold their lofty positions.

And for them to masquerade as the upholders of our system of justice is precious little more than a sick joke. In reality, they are mostly a bunch of self-seeking tricksters who will lick the backsides of anyone - or any ideology - that will help them to climb higher in their dishonourable careers - e.g. see my piece
Judges to get a further insight into this.

Dennis North, 70, was divorced from his first wife Jean, 61, in 1978 - a year after finding out she was having an affair with the man she later went to live with.



At 28 June, 2007 09:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She hadn't "fallen on hard times" - that wouldn't be so bad. She had squandered most of the money living well beyond her means.

Also she hasn't had a job in 30 years or even attempted to find one!

Strangely, the bbc didn't break this story and haven't even mentioned it yet.

At 15 June, 2008 23:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My TV broke last year I have not got it fixed, I have no need to...It is rubbish anyhow.


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