Assn Formed To Protect Men's Rights In India


Assn Formed To Protect Men's Rights In India

Chennai, Aug 4 : A physician, who had served as the Director of Medical Education, Tamil Nadu Government and some of his friends have formed 'Association for the Protection of Men's Rights,' a first of its kind initiative in the state to protect the interests of men.
Giving details to newspersons here, Mr T Murugaiyan, President of the Association said much had been written about violence, abuse and injustice against women, but in the recent times there had been a disturbing trend, an increase in the abuse of men.
As some women started rampantly misusing the laws enacted for the protection of women, by filing false cases or using them to terrorise their husbands, ''we thought it is time to start the Association.'' ''We have not started the association to wage a war against women, but with the sole aim of protecting the interests of men,'' he said.
As the existing legislations were biased in favour of women, once a dowry harassment case was lodged in a police station, the entire family was taken to the police station and made to face social humiliation, Mr Murugaiyan said.
The Association would lend its hand to support men who become victims of abuse at the hands of their wives, when the anti-dowry laws were misused by some women to force their husbands to bow to their demandsor extract money from them, he said.
The Association had chalked out plans to open branches in every district headquarters and conduct periodic programmes to create awareness about men's rights and help them, who were suffering for long in silence, he said.


At 17 August, 2009 07:22, Blogger vishal said...

I think its great initiative in itself. I hope this will help thousands of husbands those who have been terrorized by their wives. Still we are initial stage and lot needs to be done. In each state, we should have office where, we can raise our voice to save our rights. I really appreciate the efforts that were involved in the entire process


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