Boys Are Lost - Harriet Sergeant


Boys Are Lost When my son was about nine he became resentful of his young female teachers. He had no respect for them. He then moved to his middle school where most of his teachers were male. The change was dramatic. Suddenly it was all, “Sir says this and sir says that.” In state primary schools 80% of teachers are female. Harriet Sergeant

The Home Office admits that young men aged 16-24 are most at risk of being a victim of violent crime.

... At 14, one in five boys has a reading ability of a pupil half his age and at 16, a quarter of boys — almost 90,000 — do not gain a single GCSE at grade C or above.



At 19 August, 2007 03:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teens seem mainly to desire the admiration and respect of other teens. Especially those of the opposite sex.

So boys desire to gain money and authority. Still at school, there is no legal means to acquire either of these. So they resort to illegal means.


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