A Boy Can Legally Have Two Fathers


A Boy Can Legally Have Two Fathers

The country's most senior family court judge, Sir Mark Potter, decided that a man who brought up the boy believing him to be his own child was entitled to parental rights - even though he has turned out not be the father.

Sir Mark Potter said Mr A had played a full part in the boy's early life and had a "genuine and legitimate ambition" to continue to play a father's role.



At 31 July, 2008 08:05, Anonymous poiuyt said...

Those whom are not aware of what this adjudication in law really means for males up and down the land should bear the following in mind:

Only for the purposes of charging two, three or even four fathers arearages of child support sums can a child be recognised to have two, three or even four fathers.

The adjudication is certainly not for the purposes of recognising in law the absolute interest of a child, to the living presence of an unimpeded father.

Remember always that these people are shameless and without conscience and will do or say anything to presrve their real economic and career interests. That is the profitable bureaucratisation of family and private life around gender.


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