UK Fathers Robbed Of Their Children By Judges


UK Fathers Robbed Of Their Children By Judges Record numbers of children are being taken to live abroad by their mothers against the wishes of their fathers as a result of bitter divorce battles.

David Blakeman, a lawyer and the group's spokesman, said: "Britain has the most generous regime on the planet for women getting divorced. It is accepted that there is a duty for the non-resident parent, usually the father, to provide maintenance, but there is no duty for the mother to maintain contact for the children.

To get some idea of just how corrupt, self-serving and dishonest are so many UK judges, see my piece Judges.


At 22 February, 2007 13:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the US, when an attorney becomes a judge, it's because he or she was not doing well as an attorney.


Attorneys cranking in big bucks as successful attorneys almost never toss it away to make a fraction as a judge.

So, to state it another way, those who become judges are those who are failures as attorneys.

That should help you sleep well?


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