11 Months Jail And $400,000 For Killing Husband


11 Months Jail And $400,000 For Killing Husband Turner-Schaefer gets to collect $400,000 in life insurance for killing her husband. Hans Bader



At 26 August, 2007 14:46, Blogger HamsterTamer said...

cha ching !!!

Never get life insurance, you're just putting a bounty on your head.

At 11 November, 2009 10:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope some robber steals that money and in the process gives her a much needed execution.
it is unbelievable that the so called justice system is so outrageously corrupted by feminism and bigoted,
it seems that the law isnt an ass the law is a rabid feminist bitch !
this rotten feminist injustice system has to go .


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