Woman Free On Bail After Cutting Man's Throat


Woman Free On Bail After Cutting Man's Throat Bill Saunders stares out the window of his hospital room and wonders if the woman accused of shoving a knife into his throat Friday is waiting out there for another shot at him.



At 03 September, 2007 22:53, Anonymous j c said...

She attacked this guy for no apparent reason. This time she doesn't even have the excuse that he was an abuser, because they had no relationship other than that he was the manager of the block she lived in, and she was a tenant - a pretty lousy one, too by all accounts. Yet she gets out on bail, free to stab any other guy who irritates her or just gets in her way.

Note too how we now live in a world of "issues".

She gets out on bail because she has "mental issues". She also apparently has "stabbing men in the throat for no good reason" issues. The JP who let her out seems to have has a few issues too, like a "don't hold females accountable in any way for their murderous attacks" issue; a "my two brain cells can be found in my backside if you look hard enough" issue; and a "I have no concept that my job includes protecting the innocent, which is why I should never be sitting on any bench" issue. None of which he seems to be aware of.


No, wait a minute. How stupid of me to forget: she has the vagina pass. That explains all the issues.

It's believable.


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