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Karl from AntiMisandry has set up a new Rape Petition for Brits demanding that anonymity is provided for men in the UK who are accused of rape or sex-assault. (Women accusers - even lying women accusers - are protected by anonymity).

This is a truly outrageous state of affairs which has to change.

Such accusations paraded before the public eye are absolutely devastating for the men concerned, and they also have terrible effects on their families and friends.

I still remember one case about a year after I started this website about a woman whose mother actually admitted that her daughter had "accused him of rape just so that he would have to go through the ordeal of having everyone in the town know about it."

This happens quite a lot.

But this man killed himself.

And many innocent men since then have committed suicide as a result of the 'shame' that they feel following an accusation - and, of course, because the feminists and their lying cronies at the Home Office continue to spew out the notion that just about all men who are accused are GUILTY! - even if they have been found not guilty in a courtroom - when we know that the very opposite is true.

Most of these men are not guilty.

So, Brits, please sign the rape petition.


At 25 August, 2008 19:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe a compromise between keeping the accused name anonymous until the trial (perhaps the first)is over.

There does seem to be probable cause to identify repeat abusers. Only through public dissemination is that possible.

...or other?

At 26 August, 2008 04:06, Anonymous steve said...

signed :)

At 26 August, 2008 23:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the worst aspects of a false accusation, and the aspect that the liar relies on to do the maximum damage to the innocent man, is the reaction of the rest of us, the general public, to their accusation.

Liars bank on the rest of us believing them and automatically assuming that the accused is a dangerous monster - and that we will accordingly give in to our basest instincts and abuse and vilify the accused. In other words stirring up a lynch mob mentality.

So it does not matter if the accused is not found guilty, or even brought to trial; the punishment is inflicted merely by having his name splashed across the headlines of a local or national paper. The gullible and stupid public can then be relied on to do the rest, assume guilt, and inflict their own brand of mob justice.

Even otherwise rational people who ought to know better, fall into this trap. Employers suspend or sack their employees because they are afraid of being tainted. Neighbours who have known the accused for years and have always regarded him as normal, suddenly turn their backs on him. And of course once they have taken action against the man, they find it extremely difficult to take it back later, even if he has been completely exonerated. It is very difficult to admit publicly that you were wrong, especially in such a sensitive matter. It is far easier to persuade yourself that "there's no smoke without fire" or "I always suspected he was a wrong 'un" in order to justify your behaviour that you know deep down was wrong.

This strategy on the part of the liar works spectacularly well and with sickening regularity. But it does not have to. It can be stopped, provided the rest of us refuse to take the bait. Whenever I hear of a man accused of rape, I make no assumption about his guilt. I have not yet had a man I know accused of rape, but if I did I would assume his innocence until proven otherwise. And in the absence of proof, the only conclusion is innocence.

We have to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by liars. If they failed to get the reaction from the rest of us that they seek, they would soon have to change their tune. Take their weapon (i.e. our adverse reaction) away, and their accusation would have nothing left to stand on.

At 27 August, 2008 17:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post.

But remember that these liars are usually seeking money as well as revenge. They are not just seeking a 'reaction' from us.

At 28 November, 2008 02:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 5 Reasons for someone to make a false accusation:
1) To obtain a feeling or power.
2) To obtain sympathy and attentions from others.
3) To serve as an rational for their feeling of sexual guilt over their own willful conduct.
4) To get revenge on someone or a group of people who they are angry at or simply despise.
5) To get monetary compensation from the government by appearing the sexual assault victim, or, through extortion of the False Accusation Victim(FAV) himself.
6) Enjoyment in seeing someone else suffer.

These are 6 very powerful answers that we can all utilize when we are confronted with the riciculous claim that a women would never falsely accuse and thus go through the difficulties and humiliation of an investigation, trial, and public notariety.

1) 25 year mandatory minimum prison sentence for anyone determined to have made a false accusation.
2) 25 year mandatory minimum prison sentence for anyone determined to have assisted, fostered, or encouraged the false accusation in any way, shape, or form.
3) 25 year mandatory minimum prison sentence for anyone determined to have acted as a vigilante, publich harrasser, or fellow accuser in any, way, shape or form.
4) Formal classification of all above as sex offneders on the national sex offender database throughout all of the EU and other cooperating nations.
5) A $500,000 compensation package from the government to alleviate the enduring legal suspicion which the FAV will have to suffer.

There is money to be made in revenge, and that is something that all FAVs and their supporters must understand. I would seriously recommend that we all stop appealing for sympathy from the general public...Nobody respects a man who appears to be a lowly victim...It's just a normal psychological response. But everyone-even the False Accusation Perpetrators(FAPs)respects those FAVs who try and get both: the justifiable remedies that are due them, and, the justifiabe punishments upon the False Accusation Perpetrators(FAPs).

Masculine Advice Now Blog

At 01 December, 2008 08:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven I agree whole heartly with your six points in punishing false accusers, if that law ever got past things would dmraticly imporve for the better for both men and women.

At 14 December, 2008 11:36, Blogger BrusselsLout said...

A false accusation of rape should be considered a more serious crime than rape itself.

Why? Rapists tend to be men of low social status, with little or no income. They are dysfunctional hapless individuals who can't even make it to first base with life. Moreover, they have no seduction skills, while they still have a biological sex drive that runs into severe conflict with all this.

Put into other, more cruel, words, rapists are LOSERS. (And remember that women hate losers.)

Obviously, rapists need help in getting their lives sorted out. A more positive approach would help them as well as any victims yet-to-be.

But the false rape accuser is something else. She is driven by a MALICIOUS desire to get someone's life destroyed. By constrast, the rapist wants love that he can't get.

So it makes sense, for as long as rape is a serious crime, so should a false accusation be -- perhaps even more so.

At 05 January, 2009 12:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rape is the number 1 false accusation crime in the USA. Over 90% of US women tell their boyfriends that they have been raped.

At 15 May, 2010 19:31, Anonymous Jason said...

Did you mother rape you with a rolling pin Angry Harry? Mine did. And then when I told people nobody believed me because I'm a man. I'm crying right now. It's sooooo hard being a man.

At 29 May, 2010 23:01, Blogger A feminist open to criticism said...

What are you basing this "25 years" sentencing on? Even convicted rapists don't get that, so you are saying accusing someone of rape is worse then rape?

How are you going to prove that someone lied about rape. If there isn't enough evidence to reach the beyond reasonable doubt burden of proof then they must have been lying?

At 09 January, 2011 19:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a very simple way of dealing with this problem because the rest of your life isn't really liveable after a false accusation then don't bother. Get a leathal weapon of any sort and kill your accuser and go to jail for murder. When false rape accusers realize that they can die for their crime of ruining your life, then maybe they wont be so inclined to. It's simple logic being accused of a sex crime makes you a sex offender and good luck getting any kind of employment or living any kind of life. At least in jail you get three squares a day and don't have to worry about bills. However to those that do commit rape you get what you deserve. In parts of the middle east stealing gets your hand cut off and hey guess where they have the least amount of theives! Make sure that before you do what you do though that you have some way to show that you didn't do it or at least get as many character witnesses as possible that are credible to back you.


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