At 11 August, 2008 05:34, Anonymous Poiuyt said...

Alongside elite males and other careerists in positions of authority, whom are always at pains to diminish the status of males in society, we have the most disturbing of feminist gynosaurs, Harriet Harman.

This woman and others of her wretched kind, so vile and hateful to others of a different gender or class, are prepared to countenance the deliberate slaughter of men in their homes or familes. That is, only if the slaughterer is female and readily claims, after the fact, to have been abused, repressed or oppressed hitherto.

Well, Ms Harman and fellow political swine that most of you are, isn't killing intimate partners, for whatever reason, not the very domestic violence culture you claim to be fighting against?

Or are you all saying murder or attempted murder is not domestic violence when comited by women on men?

You know as well as everyone, that you are not realy fighting domestic violence or any other forms of violence in society. No inspite of your words and rhetoric, you're not !

You politicians and feminists are deliberately incentivising violent conflict, with a view to profitting yourselves at the expense of males in society. Males whom will be condemned and taxed as abusers for their predictable reactions to murder or its attempt on them.

In short, you Harriet Harman, Cherie Booth, Cathy Elliot and Julie Bindel are political scoundrells, simply coniving with elite males in positions of authority. Elite males, with whom you all perpetually conspire to generate inter gender conflict, with a view to economic and career profits.

What a dirty minded scheme to assure yourselves expanding public service positions, solving the very problems youve created! Where are your morals?

Being cursed with a cultural history of forcibly using others, is no excuse for your cointinued attempted development along misandric lines.

Take heed that females are also a moraly responsible part of modern society. And societies cannot be civilised by incriminating males alone.

At 12 August, 2008 19:21, Blogger Mark Vanburgen said...

I found a screen cap from an anti male video online, this is just horrible.

check it out here

when will they learn?


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