Toxic Wives


Toxic Wives Rich men, I believe, have finally cottoned on to the sinister side of the stay-at-home wife: Tara Winter Wilson

Many men of my age and acquaintance have become deeply bitter and disappointed about how their wives have changed since they hung up their working wardrobes.

"Can't you just divorce?" I asked.

"Are you kidding?" he replied. "I'd lose everything I've worked for, including my children, and I'd be paying her an indecent amount of money for life."



At 08 March, 2007 23:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Police Brutality?
"Well done that officer!"
"I do not see any reason why any man should sit back and allow an aggressive drunken woman to assault his genitals".


If a man faced the same assult to genitals from his woman AT HOME, would your well doing police officer not then arrest HIM for the SAME reaction as the police officers reaction here? Or is it one rule for police and another for ordinary men

Secondly AH
The allegedly privileged black person is only permited an existance because of the treacherous and backstabbing politics BETWEEN the WHITE WOMAN and the WHITE MAN !!!



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