Eleven Months Of Hell

A man maliciously accused of a rape he didn't commit is calling for a change in the law after speaking out about what he describes as the worst 11 months of his life.

As part of his bail conditions Terry wasn't allowed to visit his home town and missed family birthdays and a funeral.

He also lost the tenancy on his house and was forced to live in a hostel in Middlesbrough for five months.

In an attempt to deal with his ordeal he turned to alcohol and sleeping pills.

... 'The police just kept saying over and over 'you've done it, you've done it, we don't believe you'. I was being told I was guilty that much that I began to feel guilty.

'There wasn't one shred of evidence, there was no truth in it whatsoever, I just kept wondering how it got so far. I feel like I was used as a media tool because the police want to convict more rapists.


At 17 September, 2008 06:48, Anonymous poiuyt said...

Not many men understand the nature of society being built around them by leading males and radical females for personal profit and undue gain.

Such societies require that the male character be perpetually subject to ongoing character asassinations concerning sex or violence from females. Ongoing character asassinations surrounding sex or violence which the authorities then use as standing justification for perpetual interventions.

This sort of society has the condition of its citizens being permanently open to justifiable intrusions by state authorities for reasons surrounding the protection of females.

The women of such societies are told that, because of the better nature and greater quality of their gender over males, they exclusively are entitled to freely slander and or libel men atwill for their maleness. Especially as there is always a government-promised something in it for the accuser and the State.

The key for males, is to understand that it is at the instigation and behest of ordinary male leaders, seeking higher and more lucrative positions of authority, that this racketeering continues.

At 28 November, 2008 02:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What Mr Harrison probably doesn't know yet is that the untrue allegation will stay on his file for life and if he ever has to get an Enhanced CRB check - which are being used by employers as a matter of course, whether or not the applicant will be volunteering or working with children or vulnerable adults - it will be disclosed to his prejudice."

This quote was taken from one of the comments from readers at the end of the original newspaper story. Now this is absolutely chilling indeed. And it clearly points to the fact that there is an obvious long-term legal consequence to the FAV(False Accusation Victim), that being of course, that he will always be a person under official/legal suspicion and thus an unacceptable risk in most employment positions. This is absolutely devastating for the FAV and his family.
Now, in respect to the citizens that so often physically and verbally attack the FAVs, I believe that if they can be identified, they should have to be jailed for a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison, as I consider them to be a major and integral part of the False Accusation trauma suffered by the FAV. Moreoever, the False Accuser(FA) should have to endure a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 years. And lastly, the anonymity of the accused MUST be protected at all costs so to protect his and his family's reputation and safety.

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At 05 January, 2009 12:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember is the USA Lorrena Bobbitt, whom cutoff her husbands penis because she thought he was having an affair and then she falsified evidence to make it look like he "raped " his wife? She cut her panties then ripping them because she wasn't strong enough to rip them w/o a stress riser? She wasn't even tried for falsifying evidence or false accusation and still wasn't even deported as she wasn't a citizen of the USA.


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