Men Pay High Price For 'Equality'


Men Pay High Price For 'Equality' Hundreds of thousands of men face salary cuts of up to £15,000 to fund increases for women staff.

Equal pay claims for up to 1.5 million public sector workers could cost the taxpayer more than £10 billion and mean that hundreds of thousands of men will lose up to 40 per cent of their salary.

Of course, this is not really about 'equality' at all. The fact of the matter is that men do jobs that are harder than are those done by women - e.g. see Women do not Deserve Equal Pay

Furthermore, there is not even the pretence that the jobs done by these women are of the same worth as are those done by men. The grounds for the alleged present discrimination in pay are, quite simply, that more women do such jobs which attract less pay! - e.g. Are Women Not Even Responsible For Their Work Choices?)

In other words, if an easy job with lesser pay tends to attract more women than men, then this, in and of itself, is sufficient grounds to argue that discrimination has taken place.

But if men were mostly to choose these easier jobs with lesser pay, then this argument could not be made.

This is not 'equality'. This is gross injustice.

And I can assure my readers that if it ever was the case that women, as a whole, earned more money than men, then it would be successfully argued by the feminists and their lackey boys in government that this was unfair on women because they had to pay more in taxes. And one can easily imagine that, thereafter, they would alter the tax rates for men and women so that women paid a lesser rate - e.g. see Equality Between Men And Women Is Not Achievable.

Finally, I hope that working men will soon wake up to the fact that their Trades Unions are mostly hand-in-glove with left-wing feminist-dominated governments, and that these Unions are doing very little to protect working men from the serious biases that they face not only in the workplace, but also in terms of the law as it bears on other matters; e.g. with regard to their families.

As such, working men would be far better off supporting the growing men's movement than wasting their time and their money supporting Trades Unions that no longer have any real interest in their well-being.



At 16 March, 2007 13:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Ah on monday 19th march channel 4 intends to further spill some more mendatious bilge on the male population regarding wife beating by men.

They have just finished screening the alleged scandal of economic and financial injustices inflicted on unmarried female cohabiters. ie. by their male partnes and the law.

C4 needs to have drilled into their heads an alternative and more honest opinion on these matters dont you think ?

At 23 March, 2007 03:01, Blogger Phil Lewis said...

I'm commenting because no one commented on this VERY important issue. What is up with us guys these days that atrocity after atrocity is heaped upon our heads and we still jujst 'take it'.

At 29 March, 2007 02:20, Blogger Male Rights Network said...

It would seem that this is Communist-style wage structuring which will specifically target men in senior positions. Naturally when the young female workers make their way to senior positions their wages will be rising steadily back to where it proportionally was, when men were in charge. The basic idea is to de-motivate men and move women up the career, and income-ladder, whether they deserve it or not.

Being State-run, you can expect whatever Pro-female Equality the Marxist elements are pushing to be most prominents. Unforunately, the public sector employs 25% of the UK workforce so it's not that easy to ignore. Screw those Femi-Marxists who are trying to implement true wage inequality - i.e. Communist style "equal pay" for all professions/positions/workloads/committment (I've a feeling it will revert back to market-force style wages when women make up the bulk of top positions, however.)

And Screw that Times female writer who tried to dress up the blatant sexism with Orwellian euphemisms.

So, when are you Brits taking to the streets then? You've thousands of men directly affected so I think the time is ripe.


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