Father Murder/Suicide

Father Murder/Suicide

A father is believed to have killed his two young children before committing suicide after the break-up of his marriage.

He had been staying alone in a caravan nearby after separating from his wife.


At 30 September, 2008 01:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will be used against men in devorce courts. "dodnt let him see the kids, he may kill them". of corse it will be nothing to do with how far he's been pushed, it'l be cos he's an evil bastard, how conveinient. if a woman does the same ie jumps of a bridge with her slightly disabled son cos she cant be bothered to look after him, (government hadnt quite laid on enough of a free handout, free childcare £100 a week for ritalin etc.) Will be regarded as a poor victim.

At 28 November, 2008 01:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This kind of extreme behaviour is now becoming the typical outcome as a result of the extreme violations of principles of justice in respect to how our courts treat the men of our society.
Steven Flanagan.


At 28 November, 2008 01:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I have become increasinly convinced over the years as I have witnessed the massive cultural/politica/judicial rape of western men, that the institution of marriage is now more important than ever, and that it must be protected by extraordinary measures, such as, extremely strong laws against divorce such as those that you find in the Philippines. To me it is akin to choosing the best option here in repsect to preserving your overall culture. Either you can continue with the modern liberal divorce laws and the demonstrable breakdown of our families and culture, or, you can have the guts to stand up and protect these institutions by all but eliminating divorce completely--except under exceptional circumstances.
Masculine Advice Now Blog

At 28 April, 2009 07:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an easy way to avoid all these problems.
The solution has a name and the name is... vasectomy.

Another way out is to expat to a man friendly country, marry there, raise a family and never come back.

Just because one was born in the feminized Anglosphere does not mean that one must stay in the Anglosphere.

You can transform a nightmare into a beautiful dream: just look outside your golden cage.

At 27 August, 2009 11:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSPCC tries to justify themselves Harry have a look at this email below:-

Thank you for your email. If you have any complaints about the NSPCC we would advise you to write to us so that we can try and address them.

It is untrue to say the NSPCC spends any money on first class travel. We have a strict policy on not doing so, unless, as sometimes occurs, first class travel actually works out cheaper. The NSPCC no longer provides company cars, although there are 20 in use which will not be replaced. It is untrue to state that millions have been spent on first class travel, executive company cars and functions. What functions we do have are often paid for by corporate sponsors and are intended to raise funds for our work preventing cruelty to children. You can find details of this work below:


Of the money the public donates 77.2% of every pound is spent directly on activities to end cruelty to children. The NSPCC also publishes a large amount of research into cruelty to children which has helped raise awareness and understanding of how this crime can be tackled. You can find details of some of this research below:


We hope that this assures you that our priority is and always will be preventing cruelty to children.

Duty Enquiries Officer
NSPCC Safeguarding Information & Library Service
Weston House
42 Curtain Rd
London EC2A 3NH

At 08 June, 2010 19:10, Anonymous Walter Schneider said...

Anonymous said...

"There is an easy way to avoid all these problems.
The solution has a name and the name is... vasectomy.

Another way out is to expat to a man friendly country, marry there, raise a family and never come back...."

Just because you are familiar with the problems facing men in the "anglosphere" does not mean that similar problems for men and fathers don't exist in other nations.

I am fairly familiar with what men have to face in non-english-speaking nations, e. g.: in Europe and in Asia.

You need to realize that the feminist ideology is an affliction that affects all developed and developing nations, regardless of what language they speak.

As to a vasectomy, it is easy to determine whether such radical solutions will work universally by considering what would happen if all men were to use them.

Overpopulation is not the problem we need to solve, and amputation is hardly a valid cure for a hangnail.


At 29 August, 2013 22:03, Anonymous Admiral Lord Nelson said...

Assuming that the tragedy described in this article was the result of an otherwise good man being driven "round the bend" by what is in fact a very anti-male, anti-father family court system, and that the man involved reach the conclusion that killing was required: HE KILLED THE WRONG PEOPLE. The ex-spouse and the judge would seem to be much more reasonable targets.


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