Some Interesting Articles

Sleeping With Women Is Bad For Men's Brains - Sharing your bed can reduce your brain power - but only if you are a man, say scientists. - as if we didn't already know.

It's Not My Fault - I'm An Addict In so far as there is a causative connection between addiction and criminality, it is that criminality — or whatever predisposes people to it — causes addiction and not addiction that causes criminality. Theordore Dalrymple

On Greenham Common Accommodation was in caravans, and they all had names. There was one called the ‘Women’s caravan’ which men were forbidden to enter. There was another one inhabited solely by men, and this was universally referred to as the ‘Wimps’ caravan’.

Sex Selection To Be Banned Choosing the sex of babies for social reasons will be banned in the UK.

It will not be banned for long - because people will soon begin to protest very loudly indeed about the very notion that governments should be able to dictate to them what kind of families they should have.

Besides which, there will soon be relatively unobtrusive medical technologies available that will allow parents to choose the sex off their offspring without the need to do anything dramatic; like discarding embryos.

Furthermore, what, exactly, would governments do if they discovered that women had illicitly chosen the sex of their offspring?

Imprison them?

I doubt it.

No Female Musicians The BBC Proms season that opens tonight features not a single piece of music composed or conducted by a woman. For the first time in at least 20 years, men will have written and will direct all 270 pieces at the 73 evening concerts.

And quite right too! - though I must confess that this is a truly astonishing development.

Those who work at the BBC are normally torn apart, slowly, limb by limb, if they cannot squeeze at least one Token Pair of T*tties into every one of their programmes. It does not actually matter what the programme is about, there has to be a woman weighing in there somewhere. Even in the loftiest of programmes where high levels of intelligence or knowledge are required - such as discussions about nuclear power stations - the BBC would rather bring on Doris the carpet cleaner than have a panel consisting entirely of male nuclear physicists.

Vicar Steps Down For Cheek Kiss A vicar has stepped down as a school governor after kissing a primary pupil on the cheek to congratulate her.

If the vicar had been female, would she have been asked to step down?


According to the Telegraph, ...

Last night the girl's mother said that more action should have been taken against Mr Barrett. "I am so disappointed with the way it has been handled and I would like him to be removed from his position," she said. She has complained to the school's board of governors, Staffordshire education authority, the police and Brian Jenkins, the Labour MP for Tamworth.

In others words, we now live in a society where a priest cannot even kiss a child on the forehead in public without some vindictive woman getting the police, the social services and the politicians involved, and claiming - successfully, so it appears - that her daughter has been subjected to some kind of terrible ordeal.

Duke University Fiasco As the false prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players continues, it is instructive to revisit a similar case from nearly 20 years ago, William Anderson

Unholy Forces Stirring Up Hysteria Both the left and right, Christians and feminists, joined forces to argue that Germany would become the temporary home to hordes of uncivilised football fans and victimised women from Eastern Europe. Bruno Waterfield - 8 min

Get Out Of Here, Dweeb I hate to sound like some crazy man-bashing paranoiac, but I have a theory that, at this moment in time, men hate women to an unprecedented degree. India Knight

Maybe western women are finally waking up to the hostility towards themselves that they have been fuelling for so long.

America - Land Of The Free It’s known as the land of the free ... but if you try to do something a bit zany, you will find that you’re in a police state. Jeremy Clarkson

We Are Watching You
Given the current moral panic over smokers and the obese, it may only be a matter of time before the GSCC views such indulgence as another indicator of an incapacity to make proper judgements. Ken McLaughlin

An interesting piece showing how governments intend to monitor and police people while indoctrinating them with certain views - on pain of losing their jobs should they not behave or think appropriately.