Rape Petition

Karl from AntiMisandry has set up a new Rape Petition for Brits demanding that anonymity is provided for men in the UK who are accused of rape or sex-assault. (Women accusers - even lying women accusers - are protected by anonymity).

This is a truly outrageous state of affairs which has to change.

Such accusations paraded before the public eye are absolutely devastating for the men concerned, and they also have terrible effects on their families and friends.

I still remember one case about a year after I started this website about a woman whose mother actually admitted that her daughter had "accused him of rape just so that he would have to go through the ordeal of having everyone in the town know about it."

This happens quite a lot.

But this man killed himself.

And many innocent men since then have committed suicide as a result of the 'shame' that they feel following an accusation - and, of course, because the feminists and their lying cronies at the Home Office continue to spew out the notion that just about all men who are accused are GUILTY! - even if they have been found not guilty in a courtroom - when we know that the very opposite is true.

Most of these men are not guilty.

So, Brits, please sign the rape petition.

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