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Have We Reached Our Peak Of Intelligence? Certain of our cognitive functions have reached — or nearly reached — the upper limits of what they will ever achieve.

Unfortunately, the first paragraph of the piece somewhat reveals the author's apparent lack of understanding about the difference between intelligence and performance.

It is a common refrain, repeated in response to every new television reality show and every bumper crop of school exam results: society is dumbing down. Scientists have long argued the opposite, pointing to the now widely accepted “Flynn effect”, which shows that over the past century average IQ scores have improved across the developed world, irrespective of class or creed.

It is quite possible, for example, for the intelligence of a population to increase while its educational standards decline. Indeed, this is exaclty what we have seen happening in the west.

Drugs Policy Responsible For Murders Those corpses in the Suffolk scrub, and those tens of thousands of women still living who, as you read this newspaper, are preparing to return fearfully to their wretched kerbside pitches across Britain tonight, are not just tragic accidents, or accidents waiting to happen. They are in some measure the inevitable result of the laws we make and the way we enforce them. Matthew Parris

Wake Up: Terrorist Threat Is Serious He planned to blow up public buildings using gas cylinders in limousines, to mount a gas attack on the Heathrow Express rail shuttle, and to blow up the Tube under the Thames to rupture the walls keeping out the river. Police found in his notebooks details of how to construct a chemicals laboratory, along with recipes for poisons and plans to use radiation to spread sickness, panic, chaos and death on a vast scale. Melanie Phillips

Secret Talks Secret talks in which senior American officials came face-to-face with some of their most bitter enemies in the Iraqi insurgency broke down after two months of meetings, rebel commanders have disclosed.

Ah yes. "We will never negotiate with terrorists."

Indeed, I remember Tony Blair stating quite clearly his belief that Saddam Hussein, himself, could easily be persuaded to strike various deals in return for oil concessions. So, why did we not deal, eh?

Time To Forcibly Adopt Children? I’ve come reluctantly to think, especially after the senseless killing of Tom ap Rhys Pryce, that perhaps some babies, in the public interest and to prevent them growing up to a life of violence, should be forcibly taken from their mothers and adopted. Minnette Marrin

Civil Unions Beat Marriage Thousands of heterosexual French couples have signed up for civil unions.

French Artist 'Demeans' Minors Mr Cousseau to be charged with spreading messages ... "contrary to the dignity due to a minor".

Muslim Girl Forced Back To Druggy Scottish Mother The schoolgirl at the centre of an international custody battle broke down in tears yesterday after a judge in Pakistan ordered that she be sent back to her mother in Britain.

Molly Campbell, 12, who wants to be known as Misbah Iram Rana and to live as a Muslim in Lahore, wept as she was told that she had to go back to live with her mother while her fate was decided by a Scottish court.

Millionaire Must Maintain Ex-Lover A multi-millionaire businessman must pay out most of the lavish deal awarded to his former lover and their child.

Different Laws? Ethnic and religious courts are gaining ground in the UK. Will this lead to different justice for different people?

An Excerpt From Sex-Ploytation

'Her vagina is a business, and this business is extortion.'

Her most cherished goal is to live at a man's expense, to luxuriate in a life without work or responsibility. To this end, she desperately seeks out men with large incomes or with resources adequate enough to warrant exploitation; all other males are rejected as 'losers' or 'friends'. Very early on, she learns to control her emotions and especially her sexual appetites, innately understanding that desire suppressed today can fetch an inflated price tag tomorrow.

She learns to package herself as sexual bait with provocative clothing, perfume, lipstick, and make-up. By exerting her sexual power over men, she commands their psychological control, and so she can easy manipulate them into giving her what she want's most: money.

The more physically attractive she is (or thinks she is), the more she is able to choose a lover with substantial enough resources to satisfy her whims. She sells her self to the highest bidder she can attract.

As Esther Vilar (a woman) so truthfully observes: 'by the age of 12 at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work.

In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vaginas at certain given moments . (At that point) any real possibility of communication between the sexes ceases. Their paths are divided forever'.

Unlike her more ethical sisters, the street prostitutes, who deal in honest transactions, the average woman trades sex (or more often the promise of sex) for gifts and entertainment and a lifestyle. Her body is simply a tool to get what she wants from men, an impersonal device designed to extract maximum profit.

She makes sure that men are trained to respond properly when she wields the power of this tool; that they enslave themselves to her and pamper her a like a princess just for the possibility of sexual fulfillment. Again, she wants to achieve her goals with as little effort as possible. This is the arrogance of woman.

It is pathetic to note that in today's society, when a woman marries a doctor or lawyer or a corporate executive, she automatically procures the same status and income which took her husband years of hard work to attain. No exertion is needed on her part, outside of buying the right clothes, and applying cosmetics - in other words, slipping on the right mask. So a brainless bimbo who drapes herself on the arm of a movie star is accorded greater respect than a female librarian or scientist.

Throughout the history of humankind, women have always been prostitutes. In primitive hunter-gatherer populations, it might have been necessary for females to offer their sexuality in return for food, shelter, and protection for themselves, and their children. But modern humans don't live in caves or mud huts any more and wild beasts are not circling our camp fires at night. Our escalating technology has developed security systems, birth control, and automatic weapons. Even though men are still conditioned (by women) to act out role of protector - 'gentlemen' are expected to open doors for their dates, help with their coats, act as chauffeurs, walk on the traffic side of the street, and pay, pay, pay.

Today's women are working and many earn large salaries, more than most men. In 1990 it was estimated that a woman earned 72 cents for a man's dollar, but this figure took into account part-time workers. A more recent report reveled that 50% of women earn the same salaries as men and 25% earn more. Moreover, it is women who control 80% of the nation's wealth. So modern females certainly don't need a 'good provider' to take care of them.

Never before have females been so brazenly mercenary as today's 'liberated' woman.

Feminism, which masquerades as a philosophy which would celebrate character over materialism, has become nothing more than a license to exploit men. So-called 'liberated women', haughtily waving the banner of 'equality', sneer at men with average earning power, and scorn them as 'losers', because these men have nothing to offer them. If a woman were truly egalitarian, wouldn't she want to select a mate based on who he is, not what he has?

But this is not the case.

Today's feminist wants to earn her money, and keep it, letting her partner pay all expenses. For these women, 'equal rights' means nationalized greed.

It is one thing to live off a man, but quite another to deny it. The intricacies of a woman's self-deceit is astounding and complex, and while she may secretly be aware of her calculating motivations, she will rigorously defend herself against any invasion of the truth. She believes in her personal innocence and virtue, camouflaging her prostitution with such euphemisms as 'I'm looking for a professional man' or ' I don't care how much money a man makes, but he has to have a status job' or 'I don't need a man's money - I have my own money' (while she's toiling away at an unskilled job, lives in a dilapidated apartment, and is insanely jealous of any woman she knows who's married to a doctor or a lawyer).

The articles and advertisements in the magazines she reads offer her no instruction about how to be successful at work with business skills (this is the province of men's publications); instead, they teach her how to more profitably merchandise herself with cosmetics, clothing, and locating herself where the rich men are. She lies to herself whenever she rejects a man without a 'good' job, because if she didn't, she would have to admit that his income is all she really cares about

Matthew Fitzgerald

Some Interesting Articles (5)

Bring Back Saddam? We may be strong enough to stop large-scale warfare or genocide, but we're not strong enough to stop pervasive chaos. Jonathan Chait

Jack The Ripper's Face 'Revealed' The case has fascinated people for decades. An e-fit showing what detectives believe serial killer Jack the Ripper looked like has been revealed.

Cross Not Allowed A British Airways (BA) employee has lost her fight to openly wear a cross necklace at work at Heathrow. - turbans and hijabs, however, may be worn

White Working-Class Boys Performing Worst For the first time boys from white working-class backgrounds are performing less well in their studies than their contemporaries in any other ethnic group.

£375,000 For Traumatised Soldier A British soldier has won a ground-breaking £375,000 compensation deal for post traumatic stress disorder after seeing his friend's arm blown off by a faulty rocket during the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Insulting The White Working Class Anti-racism has become the central theme of today's political culture, yet the obsessive concern for racial sensitivities rarely seems to be applied to the white working class. This is the one ethnic group that it is perfectly acceptable to insult and ignore. Leo McInstry

Russia's Limousine Louts The Russian ruling elite, long accustomed to sweeping past ordinary citizens in high-speed limousines, are to lose their privileged status on the roads.

Muslims Want Christmas Muslim leaders joined their Christian counterparts yesterday to launch a powerful attack on politicians and town halls that play down Christmas.

Saddam Wins? President Bush said he was fighting the War on Terror. Instead he has unleashed the horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this calculus of blood it is Saddam not the West who is the moral victor. Kevin Toolis

Ninety Year Old Letter My Dear Wife. Look after yourself and the child well. I am leaving all my money to you and my child. (I am) sentenced to death at 6am for not surrendering in time by 30th April. I never surrender — the true words of A British soldier. We die happy knowing our (side) is winning.

The article quite upset me.

Traffic Lights Should Go! Most traffic lights should be torn up as they make roads less safe, one of Europe's leading road engineers said yesterday.

United Against Gays Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem have found common ground in their fierce opposition to a gay rights rally due to be held in the city this week.

Two Decades In Prison - Her Word Was Enough

DALLAS - A decorated Vietnam veteran convicted of rape 25 years ago became a free man Tuesday after a judge ruled he probably wouldn't have been found guilty if DNA testing had been available.

Specialized DNA testing performed this year proved Larry Fuller, 57, was not the assailant who raped a Dallas woman in her home. Fuller has spent about two decades in prison for the crime.

"My faith was tested and I won," he said, trembling slightly as he left the courthouse carrying two worn paperback Bibles.

Fuller was sentenced in 1981 to 50 years behind bars after jurors convicted him of aggravated rape. Authorities claimed that he broke into a 37-year-old woman's apartment and raped her, using a butcher knife to cut her as she struggled.

The woman looked at two photo lineups, both of which included Fuller. She picked him in the second one, even though Fuller was bearded in the picture and she said her attacker had no facial hair.

At the time, Fuller was a 32-year-old Vietnam veteran who had received the Air Medal for taking care of his crew. He was pursing a career in art and had worked as a driver and warehouse employee.

Fuller served 18 years in prison before being released in 1999. He was sent back to prison last year for a parole violation. All the while, he professed his innocence and tried to prove it through DNA. This year, the Dallas County prosecutor's office agreed to allow the additional testing.

Both the assistant district attorney and state District Judge Lana McDaniel apologized to Fuller; neither were involved in the original case. The judge said she felt sick to her stomach over all the time he spent in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

"Thank you," Fuller responded. "Apology accepted."