Women's Group Closes After Losing Funding


Women's Group Closes After Losing Funding OTTAWA–Women's rights advocates accused the Harper government of ignoring their struggle for equality after a leading women's group closed its doors because of a lack of federal funding.

One down.

Six million to go.

Not long now, Boys!

Not long now.


False Accuser Jailed

Judge Hoffman
Such a handsome fellow!

Eight months is not enough. She should have gone down for at least three years.

And she should also be put on the sex offenders register.


Men Are Smarter


Men Are Smarter For centuries men believed themselves to be smarter than the fairer sex, who they felt were only equipped for wifely duties.

Now a study has revealed that the male of the species is actually more intelligent - but he's more stupid as well.

When scientists measured the intelligence of more than 2,500 brothers and sisters, they found a disproportionate number of men in both the top 2 per cent and the bottom 2 per cent.

This, by the way, is not 'news'. It has been known for decades that there are more men both at the top of the IQ scale, and at the bottom of it. Furthermore, at the highest points there will be many more men than women. And this, of course, is just one of the many reasons why in the higher echelons of business, government, finance, academia - wherever! - you will likely find many more men; and, indeed, why men will earn more than women.

And this, needless to say, is not the result of discriminaion against women by men in the workplace.


Sex Pay Discrimination System Close To Breaking


Sex Pay Discrimination System Close To Breaking The tribunal system which deals with sex discrimination cases is close to breaking point, the Equal Opportunities Commission has warned.

The Commission's chairwoman, Jenny Watson, said: "We would like to see employers earn some legal protection.

"So in return for accepting a legal obligation to check their pay systems for discrimination and if they find a problem, putting in place a robust action plan to tackle it, we think they should get some breathing space.

In practice, employers are facing the threat of long and costly investigations and a great deal of official harassment unless they can jiggle the evidence and so justify large pay increases for women - simply because they are women - not because they are deserving of any increases.

The real message from Harriet Harmen and her feminist friends is this.

We will not take you to court provided that you end up paying women the same - regardless of their relative merit. We are doing this because, at the moment, we cannot cope with all the claims. But, in the future, we will cause you a great deal of official trouble unless we see equal pay. And, if you do not provide equal pay then - even though this might, in fact, be 'fair' - it is going to cost you hell of a lot to prove your case. As such, it is in your interest to jiggle the evidence.

For any newcomers, there is no general gender pay gap in the UK that unfairly disadvantages women. If there was, you would see the feminists and the government giving us fine details of how and where this is happening.

They never do this - because, quite simply, it is not happening.

Furthermore, if it was really the case that, for lesser pay, companies could get the same work done by women as done by men, then they would quickly boot out all the men and get the women to do the jobs instead. And if they did not do this, they would very quickly be out-competed by those that did.

The gender pay gap is just another feminist-inspired self-serving myth that is designed to justify the existence and funding of various feminist-dominated empires.




Sir Trevor McDonald has escaped accusations of racism, despite calling the late comedian Bernard Manning a "fat, white b*stard."

However, on the same channel, ...

Hell's Kitchen was at the centre of fresh controversy today after comic Jim Davidson was axed for making homophobic slurs. Bosses of the ITV reality show were forced to throw him off after he called gay men "shirt-lifters"


Fathers Not Necessary


Fathers Not Necessary The Government's draft Bill on Human Tissues and Embryos says that clinics should no longer take into account "the child's need for a father" before agreeing to attempts to conceive via artificial means.


Another Police Officer Talks Sense!


Another Police Officer Talks Sense! Ian Johnston, the president of the Police Superintendents Association, is planning an attack on the "cancer" of violent crime. At his organisation's annual conference next week, he will also denounce Whitehall crime-fighting targets as a "shambles" and call for them to be scrapped.

"A failed education system, family breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, inadequate prison and probation services, an unresponsive criminal justice system, an entertainment industry that promotes violence and a media that glorifies in failure rather than success are all symptoms of a society in desperate need of treatment."

He sounds like an MRA!


UK Gender Pay Gap Growing - Yawn


UK Gender Pay Gap Growing Jenny Watson, who heads the Equal Opportunities Commission, said it was "alarming" that the gender gap was worsening almost 40 years after the Equal Pay Act came in. She accused employers of failing to address "systemic pay inequality".

More lies.

Still; the reader comments are good.


Woman Free On Bail After Cutting Man's Throat


Woman Free On Bail After Cutting Man's Throat Bill Saunders stares out the window of his hospital room and wonders if the woman accused of shoving a knife into his throat Friday is waiting out there for another shot at him.


Why Is Growing Poppies Illegal?


Why Is Growing Poppies Illegal? Why is growing poppies illegal? Or coca for that matter? Daniel Hannan

Hospitals worldwide are short of morphine for want of the necessary supply of opiates. Yet our soldiers are methodically razing the stuff, turning swathes of Afghan countryside against them in the process.